In the “Summerween,” Wendy concerns the Puzzle Shack with Robbie to track down the girl coat

In the “Summerween,” Wendy concerns the Puzzle Shack with Robbie to track down the girl coat

Once they one another offer excuses not to carry out people really works, Mabel snaps and you will starts barking purchases during the them

She tells Dipper that Tambry is having a celebration in the 9:00, that is in which they’re going. Robbie precisely suspects Dipper is going to wade secret-or-managing, but Wendy tells Robbie he most likely actually, since it is for absolutely nothing kids. Wendy says to him the guy is going in order to sitios de citas online gratuitos para solteros profesionales Tambry’s people with them. At the conclusion of brand new episode, Wendy returns regarding people and asks Dipper in which he had been. Dipper informs her that he is actually trick-or-managing that have Mabel. Wendy tells him that the people was lame anyways and therefore Robbie was required to go back home sick while the the guy ate good lollipop stick-very first. At the end of the episode, Wendy, the brand new twins, Soos, Stan, Chocolate Chiu, and you can Grenda make fun of evilly in front of the a nightmare film at the Puzzle Shack.

When you look at the “Workplace Mabel,” Wendy as well as the most other teams be tired of just how Stan works the latest Secret Shack. Whenever Mabel gets the fresh company of shack, she lets the employees to complete whatever they require. Wendy and her family play around in the gift shop and you may happen to hurt a buyers. Once are scolded by Mabel, Wendy accuses this lady off pretending instance Stan, compelling Mabel provide Wendy the rest of the time off which have complete pay. In the event the Shack try destroyed by the Gremloblin, Mabel requires Soos and you will Wendy to greatly help the lady correct it upwards. Following the twins, Soos and you will Wendy accomplished restoring the newest shack, Stan came back possesses in order to play a keen apology song having shedding a wager the guy generated prior to that have Mabel. Wendy provides a cam in order to checklist Stan reluctantly dancing.

Dipper, refusing to help you embarrass themselves in front of Wendy, tells Wendy that he believes

In the “Bottomless Pit!,” Wendy merely appears from inside the Dipper’s story, “Voice over,” in which she performs “Spin brand new Pig” having Mabel and you may Soos. She also teases Dipper to own their squeaky adolescence voice too due to the fact dance together in order to good techno remix away from Dipper’s voice.

Inside the “New Strong Prevent,” Wendy functions due to the fact an excellent lifeguard from the Gravity Drops Pond. She frequently decided to functions truth be told there whenever she discovered lifesaver can has actually totally free snack rights. Dipper volunteers in order to become assistant lifeguard to blow more time having Wendy, even if she advised your he previously to check into the together company, Mr. Poolcheck. Wendy after locks right up Stan regarding the “pond jail” and holidays particular legislation that have Dipper, particularly caught the new pool and you can persuading Soos to steal the brand new pool’s inflate ducks. Towards the end of one’s occurrence, she becomes discharged because of the Poolcheck to take unnecessary delicacies, thus she and you will Dipper want to crack a whole lot more guidelines someplace else.

Wendy temporarily appears inside “Carpet Diem” when she comes into the fresh Puzzle Shack, asking Soos in the event that he has viewed among her land. She following notices Waddles (inside the Soos’ human anatomy) chewing on the a beneficial t-top. After seeing it, she claims she will get back after and you may strolls outside of the Shack inside the a disrupted trends.

Within the “Boyz Crazy,” she and you can Dipper try first-seen and come up with fun off a surveillance footage away from Grunkle Stan talking with a consumer. When Mabel is apparently thinking about fulfilling Sev’ral Timez during the the latest Gravity Falls Civic Heart and Buffet, Wendy will follow Dipper one guy rings is actually phony. When Robbie turns up at Puzzle Shack, he asks Wendy if they can go to Scout Area together. However, Wendy angrily denies his consult, due to the fact the guy don’t apologize for standing the woman upwards having a romantic date the night in advance of. She actually starts to think that they want to breakup, hence encourages Robbie to try out a “romantic” song for her he claimed the guy generated “for only their.” She decides to give your other chance, causing Dipper to believe which he brainwashed Wendy that with undetectable texts within his song.

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